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 Classes you can take!

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Saiyu Mi

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PostSubject: Classes you can take!   Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:31 pm

Light Class

Warlock-Room 305- May learn to summon things here
Nature-Room 300-May learn how to create moving plants controle the weather
Animal-Room 301-May learn to transform into an animal or gain abilitys of theme
Greek Mytholagy-Room 302-Learn some spells with the greek god/esses.Even summon some specil things

Dojo-Room 307-Learn some melee technics here
Feild-Out side-Learn some shotingwith long range here
Egytpian Mytholagy-Room 303-May learn some spells with the Egytpian Mytholagy
Hunting-Room 304-Learn how to make traps find traps and hunt
Health-Room 308-Learn how to heal wounded team mates
Tech-Room 309-Learn how to make things with tech that can help you in battle
Light Magic-Room 400-Learn spells that Holy and good
Elemental magic-Room 401-Learn elemental magic

Dark Class
Necromancer-Room 500-Learn to summon things here
Death-Room 501-Learn how to spread deadly infections and controle bodys
Animal-Room 502-learn how to transform into animals or gain ther abilitys
Illusion-Room 503-Learn how to create Illusions to confuse or distract an enemy
Mentailisum-Room 504-Learn how to infotrat the foe's mind and make them do what you whant to.
Anti body-Room 505-Learn how to leave your body and sneek around or steal things
Dojo-Room 506-Learn some Melee melee technics
Feild-Out side-Learn some long range technics
Cards-Room 507-Learn to summon things and or attack from cards
Art-Room 508-Learn to draw art and make it real or come to life
BodyMorphing-Room 509-Learn how to morpth your body into objects or peaple or animals
Dark Magic-Room 600-Learn spells that are Unholy and Evil
Elemental Magic-Room 601-Learn some spells that deal with elements
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Classes you can take!
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