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 Rules for Dragon Chara thing...

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Saiyu Mi

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PostSubject: Rules for Dragon Chara thing...   Fri Apr 16, 2010 8:20 pm

1. No Hentai

2. One flying pet per person - If you have a pet, you can have ONE other flying pet! And If you have no flying pet, You can have two normal pets. (Keep this in mind!)

P.S, YOU CAN NOT DELETE YOUR PET! YOU MUST HAVE A REASON! (like they died or something)

3. Depends on your chara and element

4. No choosing "all elements"! That is unacceptable. Your pet will be deleted. (And I will edit your posts to get rid of their existence *mwahahaha*)

5. Remember: Were not trying to be really strict or anything but we just don't want things to get really confusing... so please, a max of 2 pets per char.

6. Have fun
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Rules for Dragon Chara thing...
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