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 Nick Kits!

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Nick Kits


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PostSubject: Nick Kits!   Sat Jun 05, 2010 5:29 pm

Name: Nick Kits

Age: 8

Personality: I'm a rude, spoiled, arrogant, little brat. I will never admit I'm wrong and love to frustrate, anger, gross-out, and tease other students just because I can. I never turn down a challange or fight, and love to show off whenever I can. If things turn against me, I'll usually make excuses. I really am a magical genius, but still way too overconfident.

Gender: Male


History: The school's nastiest little brat. I'm the only child of a ridiculously rich family from a small country, pretty much a prince in every thing but title, and have already been sent to the school due to my huge magical talent. Unfortunately I also love making a little terror of myself. The teacher's acknowledge my enormous ability, but most other students just focus on the fact that I'm constantly playing tricks, teasing people, pushing other students into fights, stinking up the lunch room and halls with my fart attack, bragging, and overall making a horrible annoyance of myself.


-I'm very good with magic, and can sometimes learn spells if they're used on me.
-My farts are the worst ever and I can use them to stun or KO people. Other students commonly refer to this move as my "Weapon of Gas Destruction". Strangely, no one that's tried to copy this move has ever succeeded.
-I can do a scream in battle that stuns those who hear it right before I attack, making blocking hard.


Mother- Maria
Father- Shin


-I hate heat and don't do well in it.
-I'm only 8 and so not all that strong physically.
-I don't get along well with classmates.


-Very smart.
-Good with magic.
-Skilled at irritating people.

Crushes: None

Classes: ( 5 classes) ( You can only pick classes when your aliment is told you you.)
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Saiyu Mi

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PostSubject: Re: Nick Kits!   Mon Jun 07, 2010 7:01 pm

Yeah, That's not gonna work... Sorry.

First you can change farting thing, cuz You can't KO people in one fart, screaming and stuff and History's a big deal.

For history, you have to put your past and how you got to Blue Rose Academy.
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PostSubject: Re: Nick Kits!   Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:17 pm

You can also get rid of the aliment and the classes

we decided it wouldnt work out ere so dont worry about thouse mmk?
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PostSubject: Re: Nick Kits!   

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Nick Kits!
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